Online Communication Expectations

Think before you Speak:  Communicating Online 

Just as there are etiquette rules for talking on the telephone, or having a workplace conversation, there are etiquette rules for communicating online.
There are some firm rules for participating in FLHS online communities. These rules apply to blogs, wikis, websites and online discussion groups:
  1. Students should only use first names.
  2. Do not include your personal information, or anyone else's personal information (no phone numbers, addresses, full names, etc).
  3. Proofread your comment for spelling and grammatical errors.
  4. Use appropriate language for school.
  5. Be thoughtful in your comments. It's good to encourage debate, but respect alternative perspectives.
  6. If you wouldn't say it in class, in front of your peers and teacher, don't say it online.
  7. If you see something online that makes you uncomfortable, bring it to your teachers' attention right away.
  8. Remember: comments deemed inappropriate or off-topic will be deleted. 
Thank you!

*These blog manners were adapted from "the Unquiet Librarians Blog"*